About Us

LINE-COM is a modern global trade company for electronic components and related materials distribution

As an independent distributor and re-seller, LINE-COM supplies a wide range of electronic components but mostly specializes in End Of Life (obsolete) and hard to find parts

Working closely with its own sources of excess inventories and world-known top testing institutions, LINE-COM constantly supplies only top quality obsoletes and hard-to-find parts; with 1-year official warranty for fit, form and function

LINE-COM offers to its customers only tested parts and build B2B-relationship with them, based on TRUST AND RELIABILITY

As a certified Canadian company located in Montreal – the busiest industrial junction of North-America, LINE-COM benefits accessibility not only to all local excess stocks and available inventories but also to many international sources of electronic components

By proudly supporting Canadian multicultural traditions and politics, our multilingual team is capable of creating and keeping mutual working relationships with customers and suppliers all over the world

We guarantee only honest professional approach to any quotation, testing process, orders, logistics and financial subjects

For us, there is no “small” or “big” customer,
all our customers become our VIP-clients!