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The MYC-JA5D2X CPU Module is a core controller board powered by Atmel SAMA5D2 which is a high-performance, ultra-low-power ARM Cortex-A5 processor-based MPU and runs up to 500MHz, supporting multiple memories, including the latest generation such as DDR3, LPDDR3, and QSPI Flash. It is an embedded processing card with integrated 256MB DDR3 SDRAM, 256MB Nand Flash, 4MB Data Flash, 64KB EEPROM and Ethernet PHY and can be easily embedded into your next design. With the SO-DIMM I/O expansion connector, a number of I/O signals are available to enable your baseboard extension and implement more functions and flexible configurations based on customer demand.

The Atmel SAMA5D26 and SAMA5D27 processors are compatible to be used on the MYC-JA5D2X CPU Module. MYIR delivers the module with 5D27 device by default. The module is capable of running Linux 4.1 and can work in industrial temperature ranging from -40 to +85 Celsius.

MYIR offers a development board MYD-JA5D2X built around the MYC-JA5D2X CPU Module and has extended various peripherals through headers and connectors on the baseboard including serial ports, USB Host, and Device ports, one CAN port (only for SAMA5D27), one 10/100Mbps Ethernet port, RS485, TF card slot, Audio in/out, LCD, etc. It is a good reference design for development based on Atmel SAMA5D2 MPUs.

MYIR also provides custom design services, we can help with your baseboard design based on the MYC-JA5D2X CPU module rapidly; we can also modify on existing hardware, whether reducing, adding or removing functions according to your requirements.


Dimensions: 45mm x 67.6 mm

PCB layers: 8-layer design

Power supply: 3.3V/0.5A

Working Temp.: -40~85 Celsius (industrial level)

Processor: Atmel SAMA5D26, SAMA5D27

- ARM® Cortex™-A5 processor operates at up to 500MHz (785DMIPS)

- 128KB of L2 cache for system performance.

- Floating point unit (FPU) for high-precision computing and accelerated data processing.

- 10/100 MAC with IEEE1588

- Two HS High-Speed USB ports (configurable as two hosts or one host and one device port) 

- One High-Speed Inter-Chip Interface (HSIC) port

- One 12-bit image sensor controller with Raw Bayer support

- Graphic LCD controller with overlays for image composition

- Advanced security features to prevent counterfeiting, secure external communication, and authenticate the system

- Market-leading low power consumption


256MB Nand Flash

4MB Data Flash


Onboard Ethernet PHY

One Power indicator (Red)

One user LED (Blue)

SO-DIMM 200-pin connector brings out below peripheral signals:

 MYC-JA5D2X Pinouts Description

- 1 x Ethernet 

- 3 x USB (1 x Host, 1 x Device, 1 x HSIC, HSIC is only for SAMA5D27)

- Up to 10 x Serial ports

- Up to 7 x I2C

- Up to 2 x CAN (only for SAMA5D27)

- Up to 7 x SPI

- Up to 2 x QSPI

- 12 x 12-bit ADC (enhanced resolution up to 14 bits)

- 4 x PWM

- 1 x 4-bit SDIO

- 1 x 24-bit LCD

- Up to 2 x SSC, compatible with I2S

- 1 x 12-bit Camera Interface

- 1 x SMC (Supports parallel external memory interface)

- Up to 97 x GPIOs

Note: Some signals are reused and listed with the maximum numbers. For detailed configuration, please refer to the document of Pin-out Description.

Ready-to-run Linux 4.1 OS

MYC-JA5D27 CM (industrial) / MYC-JA5D2X Series CPU Module

  • Manufacturer Part Number: MYC-JA5D27-256N256D-I
  • Quantity Available: 100
  • ** For quantities greater then shown above, please contact us for Availability, Pricing and Lead-Time
  • $ 49.00 USD